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Hello all, and welcome to my website!

My name is Jen and I am a psychic based in Kent. My passion for spirituality has been with me for over a decade, and it was during this time that I discovered my psychic abilities. Since then, I've never looked back. I offer in-depth and confidential readings to my clients by utilizing recent photographs to tap into their energy. With my gift, I am able to provide readings without being physically present with the individual, as energy is simply energy.

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I offer confidential psychic readings in a safe and supportive environment. I prefer conducting readings online as it allows me to have limited information about my clients. I believe that having limited information about my clients allows for a more personalised and meaningful reading experience. I offer a variety of readings to cater to my clients' individual needs and preferences. After the reading, I provide the information in a friendly and accessible format, either as a voice recording or written email, so that my clients can revisit the information whenever they need.

In addition to psychic readings, I am also passionate about the calming and balancing effects of crystals. This is why I have curated a collection of crystal-based products to share with others who are interested in incorporating this healing practice into their daily lives.

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general reading

General readings are by far my most popular. If this is your first ever reading this is ideal as it covers a wide variety of subjects. This is perfect if you wanted guidance for different areas of life.

Romance reading

Romance readings cover all things to do with love. Will you find love? Are they your soulmate? find out with a romance reading.

pregnancy and fertility reading

Pregnancy and fertility readings are another favourite amongst my clients. This reading can provide guidance on fertility issues, gender predictions and all things babies.

career and finance reading

Career and finance readings can cover all sorts of things, from guidance in your job or career path, plus the best way to deal with your current or future financial situations.

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spiritual reading

Do you have a loved one in spirit who you would like to connect to? or would you like to find out more about your own spiritual gifts or pathway? then this reading could be for you.

health reading

Health readings provide guidance and reassurance for physical or mental health issues, these readings have been known to bring comfort.

pendulum reading

Do you have a yes or no question?Ask my pendulum for the answer.

Online shop

Please Check Out My Online Shop For All Things Spiritual.

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