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Rose Quartz Crystal Healing Necklace

Rose Quartz Crystal Healing Necklace

SKU: 632835642834572

ROSE QUARTZ - Is a powerful and saught after crystal also known as the crystal of love. Rose quartz can help you with the following......


Social Phobia

Fear of public speaking

Develop deeper and better bonds with people

Confidence to approach new people

Heals heartbreak and pain after breakups or divorces

Heals heart problems and helps to keep your heart healthy and strong

Increases fertility and helps to concieve 

Protects mum and baby during pregnancy

Helps to attract a new love or current love interest

Can bring more romance into your life

Helps heal heartbreak after romantic loss

Rids negative feelings towards your romantic life

Heals jealousy and Insecurity in relationships




Plus many more benefits!!!!


to see the benefits necklaces should be worn frequently, if effects feel like they are fading cleanse overnight on your window ledge in some table salt.


    3 Available styles.

    Please be extra careful if purchasing the short delicate silver chain option, handle with care :)


    Returns and Refunds Accepted 14 days after purchase.


    UK shipping with royal mail.

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