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Green Aventurine Crystal Healing Necklace

Green Aventurine Crystal Healing Necklace

GREEN AVENTURINE - Green Aventurine is a very popular crystal also known as the lucky crystal and has been known to be carried around casinos.

The green adventurine can help you with the following.....


Increases your luck and fortune

Increases your finances

Great for those taking tests or exams and want good results ie driving test

Calms the nervous system (panic attacks, nervousness)

Is an anti-inflammatory to help with muscle and joint pain 

Strengthens the eyesight

Helps you to succeed in what you set out to achieve

Increases personal growth in many areas of your life

Turns negative energy into postive energy

Stimulates confidence and power

Relieves symptoms of allergies

Brings emotional balance (gets rid of negative behaviour and patterns)

Great if you are looking for a new home or moving house.


Plus many more benefits!!!!


to see the benefits necklaces should be worn frequently, if effects feel like they are fading cleanse overnight on your window ledge in some table salt.



    UK Shipping with Royal Mail


    3 Available styles.

    Please be extra careful if purchasing the short delicate silver chain option, handle with care :)

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