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Citrine Crystal Healing Necklace

Citrine Crystal Healing Necklace

CITRINE - Citrine is a extremely popular crystal as it is also known as the "energy stone" it is the vitamin D of the crystal word and it is usually one of the most expensive crystals.

Citrine can help you with the following........


Raises self asteem and confidence

Increases your energy levels and enthusiam

Perfect when you need a energy boost or a quick "pick me up"

Treats conditions like chronic fatigue 

Helps to combat phobias

Gets rid of negtive thoughts and patterns to become more postive

Helps thyroid problems

Promotes happiness and joy


plus many more benefits!!!!!!

to see the benefits necklaces should be worn frequently, if effects feel like they are fading cleanse overnight on your window ledge in some table salt.


    UK Shippin with royal mail


    3 Available styles.

    Please be extra careful if purchasing the short delicate silver chain option, handle with care :)

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