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Black Tourmaline Crystal Healing Necklace

Black Tourmaline Crystal Healing Necklace

BLACK TOURMALINE - Black tourmaline is such a popular crystal as it is one of the best grounding crystals you can get. Black tourmaline has a very unique appearance it almost looks like coal but so many people love it!!

Black tourmaline can help you with the following......


Grounds your energy

Releases anger problems

Detoxes and purifies your body

Helps with paranoia issues

Supports weightloss

Gets rid of bloating

Helps Dyslexia 

Absorbs negative energy

Helps disconnect from OCD behaviour 

Helps ease arthritis


plus many more benefits!!!!!!

to see the benefits necklaces should be worn frequently, if effects feel like they are fading cleanse overnight on your window ledge in some table salt.




    UK Shipping with royal mail


    3 Available styles.

    Please be extra careful if purchasing the short delicate silver chain option, handle with care :)

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